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Poetry Teatime Poetry Tea outsidePoetry Tea Outside Poetry Teatime

Poetry Teatime is one of the big joys in our homeschool. When I first learned about it from Julie Bogart at Bravewriter I fell in love with the idea but was not consistent about actually pulling them off. I had grand ideas of baking homemade treats weekly with my kids and other high standards to help it tie in with the picture of my fantasy homeschool. Then life happened and I was lucky to do them monthly.

Meanwhile, Greta was begging me on the regular about doing it. It was actually starting to stress me out. After talking with her one day though, she told me that when she is an adult and off saving animals in the wild that she would still come home every Tuesday to have Poetry Teatime (despite the fact that they were not happening every Tuesday with any regularity!) I realized it was one of her favorite things about homeschool and therefore it was one of the most important things we could do.

Now I am happy to say we do it nearly every week. Sometimes we set out fancy table coverings and sometimes we bake from scratch. Sometimes we bake from a box (thank you Trader Joe’s!) and sometimes we buy treats already made. Sometimes we scrounge for whatever cheese and crackers and grapes we already have. Sometimes we drink tea or hot chocolate or lemonade. Sometimes we are in front of the fireplace and sometimes we are outside, spread out on blankets under the sun. Sometimes we are at the dining room table with all the crap pushed to one side.

The truth is, it does not need to be perfect to be special to your child. For us, the best part has been taking time to slow down, enjoy each other’s company, and of course surrounding ourselves with beautiful poetry.

Here’s my Greta reciting Emily Dickinson. I did not ask her to memorize it, she did it on her own through my repeated readings of it, week after week.


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  1. Alexandra | 15th Feb 16

    I love your post! My oldest daughter (now 18) loved the same poem when she was little and learned it the same way..not because I had asked her to but because she loved it so much!

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