Here Comes First Grade


We started back to school last week and have officially entered first grade. She has even lost two teeth. The whole thing is ludicrous, but I suppose I must accept it. This year we are using more curriculum than we have in the past though are still attempting to hold on to some level of flexibility.

Language Arts

  • Quiver Full of Arrows (Bravewriter)
  • Jot it Down (Bravewriter)
  • Poetry Teatime
  • Lots of Audiobooks
  • Explode the Code and Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading


  • History Odyssey: Ancients Level 1


  • Real Science Odyssey: Earth and Space Level 1
  • Continued Nature Study and Lots of Time Outdoors


  • Singapore Primary Math 1b/2a
  • Miquon Orange and Lollipop Logic
  • Khan Academy


  • Coop classes once a week, including Theatre
  • Violin
  • Forest school

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