Japan Unit Study: Our Books

61PzkhUjhrL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_Origami Activities Haiku: asian arts and crafts for creative kids

Tea Ceremony: We are big on Poetry Teatime over here and will be doing our version of a Japanese Tea Ceremony thanks to the step by step instructions in this book.

Origami: I am not sure that my soon to be six year old has the patience or fine motor skills to do origami just yet, so we may end up looking at the pictures more than completing any projects 🙂

Haiku: To go along with our Japanese Poetry Teatime, we will be reading haiku and will also try our hand at writing a few of our own.

All About JapanOne Leaf Rides the Wind Japanese Children's Favorite Stories

All About Japan: This book has been awesome. It is full of information on Japan’s geography, history, culture, and everyday life. It’s also got a ton of activities.

One Leaf Rides the Wind: A really sweet book that takes place in a Japanese garden, using haiku to tell the story. After reading this, my daughter was inspired to draw her own pagoda with oil pastels and watercolors.

Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories: We adore this book. It is full of Japanese folk tales with very sweet illustrations. We read one story a day in our morning basket.

My Awesome Japan AdventureSwans in Space  I Live in TokyoSadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

My Awesome Japan Adventure: This is written as a diary of a fifth grade U.S. student who travels to Japan for four months. The pages are loaded with illustrations that give detail about a huge variety of things: from kanji to sushi to ninjas to shinto shrines to manga and more.

Swans in Space: This is my biggest success thus far with our Japan unit study! It is a full color Japanese manga (comic book). My three year old is constantly stealing it from my six year old. It has made my six year old decide she wants to full on read, so every day now she reads me a few pages (very slowly!) It is certainly not great literature by any means but I do not care because I have a kid who is excited to learn to read! (Luckily there is also a volume 2 & 3!)

I Live in Tokyo: This book looks at life in Tokyo throughout the calendar year. It touches on festivals, holidays, and general everyday life. It gives a great glimpse into the lives of children living in Tokyo with really great and detailed illustrations.

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes: A really heartbreaking chapter book about Sadako, a Japanese girl who dies from “atom bomb disease” and becomes a hero and symbol of peace for children in Japan. I had a hard time reading this aloud because I kept crying too much.

Children Just Like MeMapsAtlas of Adventures

The above books are a few of my favorites when studying other countries and cultures.

Children Just Like Me: This book is beloved by us as it gives you amazing insight into the life of a specific child in a particular country. It shows you things like who is in their family, what kind of home they live in, where they go to school, what their interests are and what their favorite foods are, as well as many other details.

Maps: This atlas is beautiful and I could stare at it for a long time. It is chock full of illustrations representing aspects of regions and countries. The section on Japan was full of inspiration for things to find out more about.

Atlas of Adventures:  Another awesome book. The adventure that takes place in Japan is bathing in the hot springs of Jigokudani Monkey Park with the Macaque monkeys.

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